What is bio-resonance?

Bio-resonance, particularly bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt, is best explained using an example from nature. 

The oldest form of bio-resonance is the light of our sun. If sunlight reaches our skin, regulations are initiated. This is caused, not by the heating of the skin, but by the ultraviolet portion of the light spectrum. Thus, ultraviolet light is able to stimulate the formation of pigments.

Our skin has an integrated regulating system which pigments it, i.e. makes it look brown, in direct response to the specific ultraviolet frequencies within sunlight. The pigmentation of the skin is only one of the regulations that are initiated by sunlight, thus, for example, the production of Vitamin D is stimulated as well.

It is obvious, that apart from the narrow frequency band of the sunlight there are also other frequencies, which in their turn initiate their own regulations.

Paul Schmidt was the person who recognised these interrelations in 1976. Thereby he founded exogenous (operating from outside) bio-resonance, which today carries his name. A particular focus of the procedure is the recognition and elimination of causal influences to our health, like geopathy, electrosmog, malnutrition, etc.

In Germany alone, more than 5500 naturopaths and doctors with a naturopathic orientation are applying bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt. This breakthrough became possible with the invention of a professional device from the Rayonex company, the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar.