When we treat allergies with Bicom bio-resonance therapy, there are no side effects, except that the sensitivity may increase during the early period of treatment.

The treatment method has been used for over 25 years, today used in approx. 90 countries. Doctors, dentists, therapists (nature) and veterinarians use Bicom, mainly at private clinics, but also in hospitals in e.g. India and China.

Allergy Treatment with Bicom frequency therapy is completely painless and is performed with a special electro-medical equipment called Bicom. 

The first treatments can be performed from 3 times a week to once every three weeks. Do you have a long way to go, we can perform two or three treatments on the same day. 

Do you have problems with allergies? You are most welcome to call and schedule an appointment for an initial examination.

More about Bicom

Regumed is the company that manufactures Bicom and they are ISO 9002 certified and Bicom is approved according to EU rules on electronic medical equipment. These rules also apply in Sweden.

How does it work?

The Bicom machine reads the frequency patterns from a substance. (e.g. wheat), convert them to therapeutic frequency patterns, the patient is exposed to them via electrodes (soft pads), then Bicom collect the response from the patient and adjust the treatment to the right level.

To create therapeutic frequency patterns Bicom can strengthen, weaken, invert and filter loaded frequency patterns.

Example: A person has a reaction to wheat. The Bicom machine is loaded with a wheat flour cartridge, it reads and inverts the frequency pattern. After this the patient is exposed to this "mirror" frequency pattern. When the signals come together the reaction is reduced bit by bit after each treatment until the reaction is silenced.

How many treatments you need is individual, it usually depends on how long you have had your problems, but usually it is estimated between seven and fifteen treatments.